Friday, November 27, 2020

Here, I Made This: Vasili from Kokkoros

Note: this post is the first of more where I will write about something that I made in the past and still feel like sharing again, for one reason or another.  I borrowed part of this title from Seth Godin who reminds me of the importance of sharing your work. 

In 2012, my sister-in-law asked me to create a video about her ninety-four year old Greek father Vasili aka Bill, a gruff patriarchal figure who was nearing the end of his long adventure.  We used collected photos and his favorite music to help give people a glimpse of his epic life both in Greece and after he came to America. As projects go it was a relatively simple piece, but it was one of the more rewarding videos I've made. We were amazed that Bill himself was by far the most enthusiastic viewer, as he watched it over and over again in the weeks and months before he passed away, occasionally pointing to the screen and saying simply, "it's my life".

King of the substitute brands

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